Monday, January 26, 2015

First round of exams....

Had my first round of exams this about you? How did you do?

  Yes, I am 37 and finally going to college!! This semester has been stressful, yet fun. I am finally learning to code!! It is very time consuming. Good thing I have a crock-pot with a bunch of yummy recipes! I don't know how anyone can do this and work FT, I am only working PT and I feel strained!
I was so worried about my first coding exam, but I pulled through with a 90%! I am feeling good! On to the next set of tasks for this week. I am taking it one week at a time. If I look too far ahead in my my studies, I get overwhelmed and freaked out, wondering "can I do this"? I have to remind myself to take it one thing at a time.

  Are you a Mom going back to college?? Feel free to share your experiences and recommend things that help you get through!

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