Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy New Year....14 days in

Hello from Dayton, Ohio! Where is can rain at your neighbors house while it is snowing at your house! Maybe a small exaggeration, but the differences between North of I70 and South of I70 it can be snowing on one side and raining on the other!
Here is an example of what weather looked like where I was at a couple weeks ago...

   I wanted to start a fresh new blog to share my experiences, family life, cooking, photography, and life as a mom and a wife while juggling work and school. Please feel free to comment and share, or just lurk. I don't mind :)  Just enjoy!

   This week has been nuts. It is the second week of the semester and finally started to learn coding! I am very excited, but my brain hurts! So many numbers and steps to take in this enormous ICD-90-CM book! Today, alone, I spent 5 hours doing coding homework. Oh well, as long as it takes me to graduation to finally get out of retail, I don't mind one bit!!!

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